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At the end of 2019, XM Global, which usually provides a No Deposit Bonus, finally presents a deposit bonus for its clients. The program they offer is in the form of additional funds from your deposit of 15% with a maximum fund that can be received is $ 500. Although this deposit bonus cannot be withdrawn, this deposit bonus is compatible with the XM Loyalty Program.

In this bonus deposit program you are not limited to receiving a bonus on the first deposit only. All deposits will get an additional 15% bonus if the deposit is made no more than 30 days after your first deposit and the amount does not exceed $ 500.
As usual, because the bonus amount you received is calculated based on the percentage of the deposit amount, all withdrawals that affect the deposit amount will result in an adjustment to the bonus amount that is in your account. You can still make profit withdrawals as usual at any time without any restrictions. The following table explains the adjustment of the bonus amount.

Like the majority of other XM programs, this deposit bonus does not apply to Ultra Low and Shares trading accounts. You can see an example of calculating the bonus you received from the table below.

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