FBS Barca Striker 5/5 (1)

As an Official Trading Partner of FC Barcelona FBS is again holding a promotion that allows you to participate without having to trade. This time the promotion is similar to the previous promotion namely Trip for Pip Forex Traveler where in this promotion you only need to play the game that has been provided in accordance with the theme of the promotion. By participating in this promotion program you have the opportunity to win several prizes that will be immediately awarded and the main prize that will be drawn in the lucky raffle.

In accordance with the theme as the Official Trading Partner of FC Barcelona the game chosen this time is a penalty simulator game for web and mobile users. In this game you are given the opportunity 5 times to put the ball in the goal. After the game is over you can see the score that you produce and you will be given a choice of prizes based on the score that you get. You can choose one of the following prizes:


In addition to the prizes above you also have the opportunity to enter the draw in the lucky raffle. To be able to enter the lottery winner list, you must share this promotion on Facebook after you complete the game above.
Five lucky winners will get jerseys signed by five Barcelona players. The draw will be conducted on April 9, April 22, May 4, May 14, and May 25. If you have registered on the FBS website before, be sure to use the same email in this promotion because some prizes will be given to your live account.
For those of you who are not registered on the FBS website, you will be given an offer to create a new account at FBS after completing the game.

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