The FBS2020 Contest 5/5 (1)

Welcoming the new year 2020 FBS gives a holiday by spreading give away to all clients. As a thank you FBS will give one of the fifteen FBS gift boxes. This event is the last list of a series of events that have been held by FBS all this time such as FBS Loyalty events, FBS Trip for Pip, and many more. Beginning in 2020 this event is expected to be the 20th event that you can take part in by giving thanks to important people who supported your success until 2020.

To be able to take part in this event program, you only need to visit the FBS promo website and choose a theme template that will be used in your Facebook post. You can write a thank you to the most important people in your life both family and friends accompanied by the hashtag # FBS2020.
Copy the address of your post link and paste it into the FBS promo website. Once successful, you will automatically be included in the list of FBS gift boxes nominees.

The main prize is one of 15 FBS gift boxes. Each box contains a branded notebook, chocolates, pens, bags, wireless flowerpot speaker, and a lucky teddy bear. The winner will be chosen by the FBS jury on January 10.

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