How FBS Makes Dreams Come True?

Tell the world all your dreams and maybe FBS will come and make it happen in this monthly contest. Every month FBS will choose one winner and realize their shared dreams on their Facebook account. In the promo page you can see the winners of this contest every month who get their dreams through this program.

Michael Ponce Sanchez – November winner from the Philippines
The winner asked for financial assistance to hold a social party for poor children in his neighborhood. He held a grand event full of food and gifts, and closed with dances and games that were enlivened by more than 80 children at his party.

Fatma Mohamed Mohamed – October 2019 winner from Egypt
Mrs. Fatma Mohamed Mohamed requested a sewing machine for her mother. “My mother has long wanted it. That is her hobby,” he said.

Riboy Putra Jumara – September 2019 winner from Indonesia
In September, we helped a student from Indonesia realize his long-awaited dream: take a web programming course to become an IT professional and make his parents happy. We believe that knowledge is the best way to invest in the future – therefore, in addition to the course certificate, we also give it a Microsoft Surface device. Hopefully the future of Riboy Putra Jumara will always be bright!

To enter the “FBS Makes Dreams Come True” contest, follow the guidelines below:

  • Connect your FBS profile with your Facebook account.
  • Write the details of your dreams in the comments column to post and tag 2 of your friends who have an amazing dream too.
  • Share the post on your Facebook page
  • Be sure to describe your dream in detail: why you want this, what your background is, and how it can change your life situation. We can only choose one winner, so do our best to share dreams that are touching, meaningful, and inspiring stories. Money is not a dream, so focus on what is behind your dreams. Big dream. It will work!

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