Exness Lord of Gold Contest 5/5 (2)

Trade gold to get gold and win the title of Lord of Gold in the contest held by Exness as a Chinese New Year celebration. There are many contests offered by various brokers in celebration of the Chinese New Year, this time Exness is holding a contest for those of you gold lovers which will take place January 21 to February 18 2020.

In this contest you will compete as a trader with the highest profit and trading volume during the contest period. The winning criteria are determined by the combination of profit and trading volume with a ratio of 80% profit and 20% trading volume from XAUAUDm, XAUEURm, XAUGBPm, XAUUSDm pair transactions.
It should be noted that during the contest period you must open a total of at least 5 lots of the pairs mentioned above to be eligible for this contest. Although to enter this contest you are required to create a new account, but you must have registered as a trader on Exness before January 21, 2020. You are also required to make a deposit to your new account for US $ 500.

At the end of the contest period Exness will select and award the Lord of Gold to the trader with the highest amount of profit and volume during the contest period with the grand prize of a limited edition 18-carat Gold iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Not only that, Exness will also give prizes to the next 10 people with a prize of 10 grams worth of Gold Bonus dollars.

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