Forex4You Trading Hero Contest

Grab a golden opportunity every month in the Forex4You Trading Hero Contest and prove that you are a reliable trader. In this live account contest 30 winners will be chosen each month, giving you the opportunity to win prizes totaling US $ 3,095 for each round.

To be able to participate in this contest you must have a minimum of US $ 50 in your account. You can use all types of live accounts except Share4you Followers accounts. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can use, but only one account can receive prizes each period.
Winners of the Contest will be determined by the Maximum Profitability Percentage in the Trading Round.

Profitability in Percentage will be calculated by the formula: (d-b-c + e) ​​/ (b + c) * 100 where:
b – Equity minus credit at the start of the contest Trading round.
c – Sum of deposits and transfers in made during the Trading round.
d – Equity at the end of Trading round minus credit.
e – Sum of withdrawals and transfers out made during the Trading round.

Trading Terms

  • Eligible Accounts: Cent, Cent NDD, Classic, Classic NDD, Pro STP.
  • Countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Vietnam.
  • Trader Room must be verified.
  • Equityof the trader account must at least 50 USD.
  • Trading Contest starts on the first date of the every month.
  • The period of the Trading Contest round is lasts one month.
  • At the end of the round if two or more trading accounts are in the top 30 places, then the one with higher rating will be chosen and the other/s will be removedfrom the top 30.
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