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FBS broker starts its new marketing campaign, and it has already attracted many eyeballs on social media. The promotion is called “Trip for Pip” for forex traveler. The promotion start October 28 and the main prize is unforgettable trip for two. The winner will go to one of the world’s most beautiful cities: London, Tokyo, or Dubai, and stay at a 5-star hotel for forex traveler.
The “Trip for Pip” is a free quest game for desktop and mobile devices for forex traveler. The player is supposed to help a cartoon character Pete escape his everyday routine and discover trading lifestyle. This includes running away from an angry boss and annoying colleagues, dressing up like a hotshot trader, and take quizzes while exploring FX opportunities in a nice and playful way.

Each completed task brings the participant a certain amount of points called “pips” (a commonly used trading term meaning the smallest price move). There are 7 tasks in total featuring different types of activities: the dress-up, The Office Escape motion game, the quiz, and more. The entire thing comes cost-free; plus, the player can stop the game whenever necessary and go back to the tasks anytime later.

To enter the game you need to register for the quest from October 28 until November 28. Play the game and complete the task until you collect 100 or more pips. Once you collect 100 pips the quest will finish, the task will be close and you will be automaticly added to the shortlist. If you win, the company will pay for two economy class tickets (round trip) and 5-star hotel accommodation and choose one among 3 destination mentioned.
The winner will be announced during the live raffle drawing on December 5 at 14:00 MT time on the official FBS Facebook page.

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