Free iPhone X Promo from FBS 5/5 (2)

Join the FBS broker and make a deposit, because there is an iPhone X 256GB offer that can be obtained without being drawn. As a tribute to forex traders, FBS brokers shared the iPhone X without being drawn.
Of the various brands of smart phones on the market, the name of the iPhone X produced by the Apple company is certainly no stranger to us.

To get a iPhone X 256GB, you just need to fulfill the following terms and conditions:

1. Register at FBS broker , if you don’t have an account. After that, verify it in the Personal Area, because only accounts that have passed ID verification can join this promotion.
2. If you already have several accounts at the FBS broker , then choose one of the appropriate accounts.
3. Open your Personal Area, click “join promotion” on the “A Lot of Apples” promotion menu.
4. Make a deposit of up to USD5,000, and fill in the total lot trading of 500 lots.

After the “A lot of Apples” promotion requirements above are met, send an email to request a gift at: iphone@fbs.com.
Take advantage of this gold offer, because the number of iPhone X offered is unlimited, without being drawn.

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