Weltrade Astrocards

After launching the Cash Puzzle event, Weltrade is now introducing a new event for its loyal clients, Weltrade Astrocards. In this Astrocards event you can get 1 round to choose 3 of the 5 cards in the astrocards every time you make a deposit of 50 USD / EUR. Each card has a random value, and the total value of the 3 cards you choose will be automatically credited to your trading account.
Since you get 1 round every time you deposit 50 USD / EUR, you will get an additional round if your deposit is a multiple of 50 USD / EUR. The greater the amount of your deposit, the greater the chance you get additional capital for your transactions. In each round you can get a bonus of up to 1,000 USD.

You could say this event is a bonus deposit event, it’s just the difference with deposit bonuses in general, the value you get is not fixed. The bonuses you get from these astrocards cannot be withdrawn. All transfer transactions between accounts and withdrawals will cause the bonus that you have gotten canceled, but of course you can choose the card again in the astrocards if you decide to make a deposit again.

Terms and Agreement

  • The Promotion is available for all account types.
  • The prize is determined by summing the face values on cards selected by the Client. The prizes are fixed bonuses on a trading account.
  • A fixed bonus is credited on a trading account and is not available for withdrawal but it is used as free margin and supports margin level during a drawdown.
  • When replenishing a trading account with personal funds for 50 or more USD/EUR in one payment, the Client gets 1 ASTROCARDS round for each 50 USD/EUR.
  • When a round starts, 1 round is deducted from the Client’s balance and face values of cards in this round are determined randomly.
  • When a round has started, the Client should select three cards out of five.
  • When three cards are selected, face values of all five cards are shown.
  • The sum of the face values of the selected cards is credited to a trading account as a fixed bonus.
  • Rounds are accumulated on the difference between deposit and withdrawal.
  • Transfer or withdrawal of funds from a trading account causes all bonuses and remaining rounds write-off.
  • All Clients registered within the Company can take part in the Promotion.
  • The Company reserves the right to change the Promotion terms, amounts and types of prizes, and to stop the Promotion in any time.
  • The Company reserves the right to write-off bonuses and/or profits earned with bonus funds without prior notification and explaining the reasons.
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