Catch a pre-holiday moment with the Dual Bonus for Deposit for maximum comfort and possibilities in trading from broker FXCL. Simply make a deposit to your live trading account and receive a 100% Bonus applied to your account.

Not only is your trading power doubled, but so is the lifetime of this Bonus. This is the reason why FXCL provide 120 days instead of 60 so you could master your trading moves and get benefits.

Steps to get Dual Deposit Bonus from broker FXCL:
1. Make any deposit to your live account
2. Request the gift at rebate@fxclearing.com naming the bonus and your account number.

Terms for Dual Deposit Bonus from broker FXCL
The promotion is available between Oct. 26, 2015 and Jan. 8, 2016
The maximum Bonus per trader is $2,000
The Bonus automatically expires 120 days after being issued
The Bonus is automatically transferred to your account’s balance after trading terms have been completed
Rebates and bonuses general rules and conditions apply

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