Snow Rally Santa MFX Broker 3/5 (1)

MFX Snow Really is a special contest by MFX Broker which is giving one of the best opportunities to traders to win money for trading. The Snow Rally contest is a trusted contest as every second participant can win something. The prize fund is unlimited and the most amazing thing is that the chance of winning is 50%. MFX Broker is having this special contest so that most of the traders will win something during the Christmas.
Those who trust MFX Broker are definitely going to take part in this contest.


The competition will be held in several categories – for different “age” groups.

1. The first category, for novice traders – will include those who do not have enough trading experience yet. You will gain chance to become one of the 10 winners, who will get $50 to the account from kind Santa MFX. But they will face a very important task – to congratulate MFX with the coming New Year as creative as it is possible.

2. The second category will take part in classical rush on real accounts aimed to increase the initial deposit as much as possible. Number of the prizes is NOT LIMITED, the first three winners will share $2016 which are already withdrawn from Santa”s magical bank account.
But that’s not all! Traders who will take the first three places will share symbolic $2016 which will be given from the special New Year fund.
The winner of the contest will get $1000 from Santa MFX. Participant who takes the 2nd place will become the owner of $670, and the 3rd winner will find $346 on his account.

3. And finally, the third category, IB partners of MFX. They have to demonstrate their best and engage as many new active clients during the rush as possible. The winner will become the owner of full brokerage business with beautiful snow name – White Label for Binary Options, which will be created for him absolutely free!

To participate in the congratulations contest you need to:
Register with MFX Broker
Complete user certification procedure
Write a congratulation post in your MFX Diary
To participate in the contest for experienced traders, go to the contests section and register for it.

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