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Have you achieved an extremely well trading a demo account? If you have then it’s time to switch to a real account to start earning money. Trading in live account offer significant difference experience than demo account. During life account trading, your own funds are at risk, the emotions put into play are quite different. Fear, greed, insecurity, and sometimes the basic thought of losing hard-earned money makes you taking some questionable decisions. But worry not, many broker offer no deposit bonus to help new trader experiencing live account performance.

In FWMARKETS you can take advantages on their $10 Live Welcome Bonus to trade without losing your own money. Once you’re building enough confidence, you can take the next step and choosing various account type that FWMARKETS offer.

Few rules of FWMARKETS $10 Welcome Bonus
Only applicable for a new account that pass verification process
Each person can participate once only.
Maximum leverage for bonus account is 1:300 with a minimum trading size of 0.01.
Profit can be withdraw after trading volume reaching 2 lot.
FW markets reserves the right to reject bonus request.

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