AAFX Trading 35% Welcome Bonus 5/5 (3)

Incredible Forex Welcome Bonus 35% on initial deposit – AAFX trading welcome all of their new clients with a 35% bonus on first deposit to the first live account. Deposit at least 500 USD/EUR to get the Tradable Bonus. Trade Forex & CFDs with the extended equity and get some additional tools to make your trading profitable. Open a Live account and deposit via Skrill, Neteller, Fastpay or credit card to trade with Tradable-Bonus.

The objective of the bonus program is to further their trading with the company, giving them an opportunity to earn bigger profits. This is a great opportunity for new traders to expand their trading ability. Traders who wish to switch are welcome to avail the bonus as well.

Terms & Conditions:

  • This bonus is available for the deposits which have made through skrill , fasapay, Neteller, credit card and Bankwire.
  • You need to deposit a minimum of 500 EUR/USD.
  • Deposited funds (excluding the bonus) can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Met the trading conditions within 60 days to withdraw the bonus.
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    1. Jameel January 16, 2020 at 8:24 pm - Reply

      I like trading and everything connected with it, so I have always paid a lot of attention to studying this issue. In fact, it seems to me that I have reached quite a high level in this matter. Today I trade with aafx broker, I can’t say that I have any complaints, it has a very convenient terminal for analyzing the situation, so I noticed myself that now I spend a little less time than before, and maybe my experience influenced it. I like that there are tight spreads and no commission for withdrawal of funds, it’s very profitable and I can dispose of my money more freely.

    2. Oliver Rocher January 11, 2020 at 10:27 pm - Reply

      I don’t understand why a lot of people are concerned with withdrawals. Almost each trader that reached me to ask sth about AAFX always ask about withdrawals. Our world is cruel and people are feared to lose money. I can say only one things “Choose companies that appreciate own reputation”. AAFX is a kind of such company, that keeps it reputation on a high level and never takes action that may hurt its traders. I can’t describe that in one review, but that’s visible. Each time I trade with AAFX I notice that company appreciate me and that’s cool.

    3. Tyram Langeland January 6, 2020 at 12:29 pm - Reply

      If we talk about forex brokers, which provide normal conditions for traders with different capitals, we can immediately mention AAFX because only in this company I see such a careful attitude to traders and the development of the broker itself, which constantly increases the number of available assets and improving its service. It seems to me that this company has been holding leading positions in the market for a reason for so many years. In addition, there are no problems with financial operations. The company has an excellent bonus system, with which anyone, can strengthen their capital.

    4. Valero Frank December 20, 2019 at 10:49 pm - Reply

      I like the aafx broker for welcome bonuses and other bonuses that can be used in the equity. It’s very convenient, especially since they don’t work too hard. On the big leverage, I once fell into a drawdown, now I act more carefully and thoughtfully. In general, I like everything, I want to work only here. Recently, another company called me and offered me a bonus of 150%. Well, it’s clear at once that it’s nothing good. Very suspicious, I refused.

    5. Chi Martinsen December 14, 2019 at 10:43 pm - Reply

      If you are looking for a broker with optimal conditions, aafx may be the right choice. This company has good conditions even for minimum deposits, for example, you can use a fixed spread or work with more than one asset at a time. The spreads are small, so you don’t feel like you’re working too risky. On the website you can find all the necessary information on both: overall trading conditions and specific infomraiton on upcoming economic news and events. Working with MT4 allows trading with EA strategies which might be a matter of interest to algorythmic traders

    6. Arjuna December 9, 2019 at 8:56 pm - Reply

      I am fully satisfied with AAFX as a broker. It provides constant access to the market and assets this platform offers a lot. In addition, there are quite a few tools that can be used for trading every day. Here you can start with a minimum deposit or choose a large account right away. I chose the average option, I started with a couple of thousand, which is the capital I started with in other companies. My statistics are not weaker on this platform, because Meta Trader 4 is very easy to use and in general it has already become a real classic, so trading here is a pleasure. I don’t use fixed spreads, but if anybody is interested, they are there. By the way, the spreads here are small and there are no other commissions.

    7. Neelse December 7, 2019 at 10:28 pm - Reply

      AAFX Trading – one of many brokers, which popularity doesn’t reach market leaders. So they are trying to compensate it by some additional bonuses. You can start trading with AAFX with $100 both on regular and ECN-account. They have better spreads (from 0,6 pips for eurodollar), but even at reasonable volatility spreads will expand. It is very convenient that you shouldn’t pay for swap while trading CFD. The main problem of the broker is an ambiguous reputation. The company have negative reviews on many sites, an overwhelming majority of them are obviously copied. Negative campaigning is a common thing in the forex world. And it seems like the broker doesn’t care. I think that these reviews shouldn’t be taken seriously according my positive experience.

    8. Gerhard Marquardt November 29, 2019 at 11:46 pm - Reply

      In my time, I chose AAFX because their bonus of 35% was too tempting a bait :)) Increasing the capital by 35% at once is truly cool, isn’t it? Though I didn’t know yet that I’d have to fulfill the bonus requirements – back then, I didn’t even consider withdrawal as such. Later it showed that with my style of trading, I managed to fulfill the requirements in half a year. By the way, that bonus became my main income, for I traded like an idiot :))) Well I know that one has to follow a strategy, stick with the principles of money management and blah, blah, blah, but sometimes I really get carried away and can’t control it.
      Anyway, it’s been already 2 years that I somehow manage to trade and even make profits :)) Probably that’s because of tight spreads, probably because of bonuses that I’ve already several times fulfilled and withdrawn… By the way, all the subsequent bonuses, except for the first one, get a bonus of 25% – that’s not quite as much but still a pleasant trifle 🙂 All in all, when even I with my crazy strategy manage to make profits, I guess serious traders are bound to succeed with AAFX :))

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