Tra Markets 10% Bonus With Flashpay

Tra Markets Limited is offering to all new and old account a one time 10% deposit bonus. Boost your trading potential in the world’s best trading environment. Bonus are available on all types of account. You have to submit a bonus request no later than 5 business days after the initial deposit and the bonus will be valid for two calendar months from the time that the bonus has been credited to the account.

Terms and Mechanism of the Promotion:

  • The 10% one time deposit bonus can be applied to all clients.
  • The bonus can only used one time per client.
  • The bonus cannot be transferred between trading accounts within Tra Markets.
  • The bonus amount %10 of the initial deposit and cannot exceed 200 USD.
  • If an eligible client withdraws funds from his/her account during the promotional period, the account will be disqualified from the offer.
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