ZX Markets $100 Weekly Social Media Promotion

ZX Markets announced $100 weekly Social Media Promo bonus for like & connect with FB fan page, Twitter, and Instagram. Take part in the weekly promotions and be a lucky client. Take up trading credit of $25 USD, $50 USD or $100 USD. Don’t waste time, and take advantage of our unique offer before its over. So, quickly get up $100 weekly Social Media Promo Bonus.

Terms and Conditions :

  • The Bonuses are available to Company’s clients who have satisfied the eligibility. Criteria of the relevant offer and passed all required registration procedures. According to the Company’s requirements as amended from time to time. At the same time sole discretion of the Company.
  • The Company offers any Bonus at its completed discretion, to any Client and/or country/region as it deems appropriate.
  • The Company reserves the right, at its one and only discretion. To decline registration of any client. Including right Clients, in the Bonus & revoke the offer of any bonus at its absolute discretion.

  • Bonus conditions:

    • Trading Bonus is allowed to Eligible Clients as a percentage of the quantity for the most part of funds deposited. In their trading account, as agreed or determined by the Company at Company. Absolute discretion or Trading Bonus which was granted due to a certain deposit on a case to case basis.
    • The Trading Bonus can only an extra Margin for the exposure of open positions and for trading contracted only, till the client completes the required volume of the bonus which based on the condition that offer, amount of bonus and percent of bonus in relation to the deposited amount.
    • Trading bonus will only be available for withdrawal after completion of the required volume.
    • The Company determines the exact volume required to by a client at Company’s absolute discretion and on a case to case basis.
      Trading Bonus because of a certain deposit.
    • Offer shall restrict clients from making any withdrawal from his trading account till they complete required volume since the client gets added margin by adding the trading bonus to his account.
    • Client has an option to decline the trading bonus offer at time of deposit but after they add the bonus, he cannot ask for cancellation till something complete volume.
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