RoboForex Rebates Program

Additional income from trading is always a good thing. Some traders choose brokers because the offered cashback or rebates promos can increase profits or minimize losses in transactions. RoboForex also has a rebates program besides other programs.
In the rebate program offered by RoboForex, you will receive rebates regularly every month. There are no restrictions on the type of account or platform that you use to join this rebates program. You only need to register an account on the RoboForex website and verify.

As always, trading volume (lot) is the most important thing in the calculation of rebates you will receive. Depending on the type of account you are using, another component in rebates calculation is the percentage of company revenue for Pro-Cent, Pro-Standard and RAMM account types.
As for ECN-Pro and Prime accounts the calculation uses the percentage of your commission in one month. Please note that you need to trade at least 10 lots per month to receive rebates. Rebates that you receive can be used in transactions or withdrawn without additional requirements.

The following table explains the percentage used in the calculation of rebates.

Examples of calculations based on % of the Company’s revenue with Pro-Standard account
Instruments: EURUSD, AUDUSD
EURUSD trading volume over a month: 20 lots
AUDUSD trading volume over a month: 10 lots
Rebates rate: 5%
Broker revenue for 1 lot of EURUSD: 13 USD
Broker revenue for 1 lot of AUDUSD: 16 USD
Rebates amount: (20 lots * 13 USD * 5%) + (10 lots * 16 USD * 5%) = 13 USD + 8 USD = 21 USD

Examples of calculations based on % of commission with ECN-Pro
Rebates amount is calculated based on the total commission over a month.
Trading volume on the account over a month: 5,000 lots
Rebates rate: 15%
Total commission for trading over a month: 27,000 USD
Rebates amount: 27,000 USD * 15% = 4,050 USD

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