Dukascopy Equity Bonus Additional Program

Famous for the broker who is regulated as a bank and securities dealer by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority Dukascopy offers 10% additional equity from your deposit. With this additional equity you can use it in your transactions.
You can apply for a Bonus for 30 days since you made a credit on your account.

If you have never used Dukascopy before, you might be surprised by the strict rules in the Dukascopy promo. This equity bonus promo is no exception. Although it can be used for trading, the bonuses you receive cannot be used to cover your trading losses before the trading volume requirements are met. After you receive a bonus, you have 1 year to fulfill the requirements for the amount of trading volume. Required traded volume is calculated using the formula:

Required traded volume = 30000 × total account equity

In case the client has applied for an additional Bonus the required traded volume will be adjusted. The additional required traded volume is calculated by the formula:

Additional Required Traded Volume = (Additional Deposit + Bonus) × 30000 × ((Required Traded Volume deadline – Additional Bonus application date) / 365 days)

After you fulfill these trading volume requirements you can use bonuses to cover your trading losses or even make bonus withdrawals. Please note that there are several things that can cancel your bonus, namely all out-of-account transfer transactions, and the required traded volume is not reached within the 1 year deadline.

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