Grand Capital Payback Program

Grand Capital Payback is a cashback program or better known as a rebate where you will receive compensation for transactions you make at a forex broker. In this payback program Grand Capital applies an account status system where the amount of cashback will vary depending on your account status.
You can raise the status of your account by continuing to trade at least 1 time per day. If you trade continuously, you will get 1 “credit” per day. The credit will be entered into “Day Meter” in your private office.

There are 4 types of account status based on the number of days you transact, starting from “Newbie” which is 0 to 5 days of periodic transactions, “Bronze” for 6 to 15 consecutive days, “Silver” for 16 to 30 consecutive days, and “Gold” for more than 31 consecutive days.
Please note that your status will also go down if you don’t make a transaction where 1 credit will be deducted from “Day Meter” for every day you don’t make a transaction.

You start to receive payback after you make transactions continuously for 6 days. The strange thing is that Grand Capital claims in its promos that the calculation of the amount of payback does not depend on the number of lots but on the number of days you make a transaction.
But still the final calculation will use the number of lots multiplied by your account status. The amount of payback that you can receive can be checked in the following table.

All clients who have verified are entitled to take part in this payback program. You can also combine this program with other promotional programs in Grand Capital. Be aware that CFD stock USA, Russian Stocks and CFD stock EU instrument groups are not included in the payback calculation. The funds you receive from the payback program can be used for transactions or withdrawals without any restrictions.

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