OctaFX IB Contest for Indonesia

After the end of the Supercharged 2 Contest in September 2019, OctaFX finally held another contest specifically intended for its Introducing Brokers. There is a slight difference in the rules used in this contest compared to the previous contest. Based on experience in previous contests, OctaFX this time tried to aim at balancing the chances between those who deposit high volumes and those who trade exceptionally efficiently by using a calculation formula.

This contest is open to all IBs registered from Indonesia, both old IBs and new IBs, you are more than welcome to register as an IB to take part in this contest. As mentioned above, OctaFX strives to balance the chances of winning between those who have referrals with large deposit volumes and those who have referrals with good trading performance using a new calculation formula.
OctaFX will determine the winner using the net deposits (deposits – withdrawals) formula, divided by 20, plus the total number of lots traded by IB’s referrals.

The contest, which is held from 17 February 2020 to 3 April 2020, will automatically calculate the total points of your referrals since you registered for the contest by pressing the “Take Part” button on the contest page. Registration closes on March 29, 2020 and winners will be announced 15 days after the contest period ends.
OctaFX will choose 3 IBs with the highest score who will be entitled to 1 Toyota Rush vehicle for the first winner, Kawasaki z650 motorcycle for the second winner, and the latest Samsung Galaxy Fold for the third winner.

Contest Rules

  • The Contest starts on 17 February 2020 (12 p.m. EEST) and ends on 3 April 2020 (11:59 p.m. EEST).
  • Registration for the Contest ends on March 29 2020 (11:59 p.m. EEST).
  • To become eligible for the Contest, the Partner must push the ‘Take Part’ button on the Contest Page.
  • The volumes traded by the Partner on his or her trading accounts and his or her deposits are not counted for the purposes of the Contest.
  • The volumes calculated as a second level commission (Master IB commission) are not counted for the purposes of the Contest.
  • The volumes generated by the Partner’s referrals as the Copiers in the OctaFX Copytrading service are not counted for the purposes of the Contest.
  • Only the volumes of the Valid Order are counted for the purposes of the Contest. The order is considered as the Valid Order if it lasts for 180 seconds or more, has at least 30 points (3 pips) difference between the open price and close price, and is not closed by means of Partial close or Multiple close by.
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