101% Deposit Bonus from ALPARI Until October 5/5 (1)

101% Deposit Bonus from ALPARI is extended till the end of October 2016. It is open to Company clients who have specially registered via the link situated in the banner on the Company’s site by 31st October, 2016. The client may register and take part in the offer once only. You should make a minimum deposit of 100 USD from an external payment system to a standard.mt4 account within 7 days of registration.

To withdraw funds after having transferred them to activate the offer, the client must complete trading operations with currency pairs and / or spot metals of a certain amount within 30 days of the date the initial deposit has been added to the Alpari account. For each full lot traded, 5 USD (or equivalent in EUR / GLD at the time of transfer) of the bonus funds will be transferred. The amount of trading operations needed to withdraw these funds is calculated by the following formula: amount of credit converted to USD at the time of initial transfer / 5 USD.

Example: The client deposits 1,000 USD on a standard.mt4 account and complies with all of the offer Conditions. For this the client receives 1,010 USD. To withdraw this credit or to use it, the client should complete trading operations which amount to 202 lots. If the client completes trading operations totaling 202 lots before the end of the 30 day period, 1,010 USD will be transferred to their account before the end of this period. Calculation formula: 1,000 x 101% / 5 = 202 lots. If the client only completes 100 lots in the indicated period then they will be able to withdraw 500 USD. This amount will only be available for withdrawal after the end of the 30 day period from the moment the client made their initial deposit. In this case the remaining 510 USD bonus credit will be wiped.

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