Ramadan Bonus Deposit FBS

300% Bonus Deposit Promo FBS Ramadan 4.67/5 (3)

FBS deposit bonus 300% will be given by FBS broker during this Ramadan holiday event. 100% of the spread and the partner commission for each order will be forwarded to charity. The more you trade, the more funds are raised for less fortunate and most vulnerable individuals around the world, and the higher you get in the Top Benefactors rating.
The Promotion is available for citizens and permanent residents of the following countries: Saudi Arabia , UAE , Qatar , Bahrain , Egypt , Jordan , Lebanon , Morocco , Algeria , Palestine , Syria , Tunisia , Oman , Yemen , Kuwait , Iraq , Libya , Turkey , Indonesia , Malaysia, Sudan , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Iran, Brunei, Maldives.
The whole amount of the spread and the IB commission from transactions made by Participants on their “Ramadan” accounts will be forwarded to the accounts of the charity organizations.

Ramadan Bonus Deposit FBS

How to join 300% Bonus Deposit Promo FBS Ramadan
To become a participant of the Promotion, a client needs to open an “Ramadan” account and deposit at least 100 USD to it throughout the course of the Promotion. The total bonus amount (in parts or in whole) must not exceed 6000 USD.
All “Ramadan” accounts have the free “Swap free” option enabled by default and maximum leverage on “Ramadan” accounts is 1:200.
Every Participant will receive a 300% bonus on each deposit to their “Ramadan” account provided that the deposit is for 100 USD or more. Deposits smaller than 100 USD (with regard to the commission on deposit, if applicable) are not allowed for “Ramadan” accounts.

Every Participant with a contribution of over 200 USD to the charity campaign (considering the spread from all transactions and the funds donated directly to the Charity account of FBS) will receive an e-Certificate of a Benefactor within 30 days of the Promotion conclusion. The Promotion results will be announced on July 4, 2017.

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