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Exclusive LEXUS Car from FBS Broker 4.88/5 (8)

FBS announce new car promo “Drive Lexus from FBS,” gorgeous car worthy of entering the contest. FBS Car Promo is a super popular project among forex traders because they really do present cars to traders.
FBS has also prepared 10 iPhones 7 and 100 designer T-shirts for their clients.
The rules remain the same – make a one-time deposit of $1000 or more, trade at least 5 lots, and get a unique participant code. The more codes you have, the better are your chances to win the car.

lexus car fbs promo
How to join “Exclusive LEXUS Car from FBS Broker” promo?
1. Choose account number and click on Participate button to register for the Promotion.
2. Deposit $1000 or more
3. Trade 5 lots* and get a lottery number.
4. The more you trade, the more numbers you get. Each number has a chance of winning one of the amazing lottery prizes.

The promotion takes place from the July 25, 2017 to September 20, 2017. The winners of the contest will be defined on the September 20, 2017 by an automatic lottery drum.
Don’t forget that you need to verify your identity in the personal area in order to qualify for the lottery.

*For Cent accounts the amount of deposit required to participate in the promotion is 100 000 cents, the amount of lots traded is 500.

Join the Exclusive LEXUS Car from FBS Broker promotion

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