Corsa Capital $100 Fixed Welcome Bonus 5/5 (1)

Providing this high quality new technology for operating on the foreign currency exchange market, Corsa Capital strives always to meet the level of current standards for client service in internet trading. This broker who was founded in 2007 offers its customers to try their excelent service by start to trading on the international Forex market without investing their own funds. Every client from Corsa Capital has a right to claim $100 Fixed Welcome Bonus.

In order to get the Fixed Welcome Bonus, you need to open a live trading account and verify your account in Corsa client cabinet. As usual you verify your account by uploading a copy of identity document and wait for confirmation email from Corsa. After your account is verified, you can claim the Fixed Welcome Bonus. Although you can’t withdraw the bonus, you can use the bonus to trade and withdraw the profit without limitation. There is no time limit for the bonus which is a good thing for new trader to gain more experience and profit at the same time.

Fixed Bonus Terms for Corsa Capital $100 Fixed Welcome Bonus

  • The Client confirms that he gets the Fixed Welcome Bonus only once.
  • The bonus can be credited only to a newly opened account with no trading activity on it.
  • The Fixed Welcome Bonus is not subject to withdrawal; it remains on the account until its cancellation. The profit related to the Fixed Welcome Bonus can be withrdawn if it has run over $20 since the moment the bonus was credited. Profit of any kind exceeding $20 is allowed for withdrawal. After withdrawal, the bonus is cancelled as well as the $20. No more than $1 of the bonus funds can be involved in one trade.
  • No more than one active trade involving the bonus is allowed.
  • Transactions with the use of Fixed bonus are available only for binary options.
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