FirewoodFX Trading Reward Bonus

If you are a new client of Firewood, do not hold back from making a first deposit because in this program Firewood will give cashback up to 100% of the amount of your first deposit. Use this opportunity as well as possible because this promo only applies to one account on its first deposit and does not apply to your other accounts.

In the promo that applies to these standard and micro accounts, Firewood promises $ 10 credit for every FirewoodFX standard lot (10 micro lots) that you trade within 30 days of your first deposit. The number of bonuses you can receive is limited by several things, including

  • The amount of your trading account first deposit
  • The amount of your trading account equity during bonus redemption processing
  • The amount of your trading account balance during bonus redemption processing
  • Maximum of $ 5000 bonus per client

  • Terms & Conditions

    • Only Standard account and Micro account are eligible for this promotion.
    • This promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other promotional FirewoodFX offer.
    • Credit bonus is $10 for each FirewoodFX standard lot (10 micro lot)* trade closed within 30 days from the first deposit.
    • XAUUSD (Gold) and XAGUSD (Silver) are excluded from calculation.
    • Minimum credit bonus is USD 10.
    • Bonus is not transferable to other account.
    • Each trading account is eligible for only 1 (one) bonus.
    • In case client have multiple trading accounts, only 1 (one) trading account is eligible to earn the bonus in the same time.
    • Maximum Bonus Claim is one time in a month.
    • Client’s account must be verified to participate in this promotion program.
    • Client must request bonus redemption within 60 days from the Client Trading Account’s first deposit.
    • Bonus will be credited as MT4 Credit
    • During withdrawal, bonus (MT4 Credit) will be nullified.
    • Client can cancel the bonus at any time. Once bonus is cancelled, it can’t be reinstated.
    • So-called “reverse trading” on bonus accounts is strictly prohibited.
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