FXCL Extra Paycheck Promo

FXCL this Christmas presents a special program for new and old clients. In this program you are invited to register a new account at FXCL, this account will automatically become a promo account where FXCL will add a 40% bonus to all your transaction profits in this account. The minimum bonus given is $ 5 and a maximum of $ 300.

You can use all types of accounts except ECN Copytrade to participate in this promo. To participate in this promo you are required to open a new account and choose to take part in the Extra Paycheck Promo when registering. Next you are required to make a deposit of $ 100, then you are free to make a deposit again.
You will get an extra 40% of the profit you get until December 23. Please note that during the promo period all withdrawals and internal transfers will disqualify your account from this promo. You also cannot combine this promo with other promos provided by FXCL during this promo period.

On December 23 all transactions in the account will be automatically closed and the account will be locked while the calculation and bonus transfer to your account is done. Your account can be used again as usual on December 30th, you can use other available promos and you can withdraw and internal transfers as usual.

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