FreshForex 3 Schemes Megarebate

FreshForex offers its clients a unique opportunity to insure transactions and make additional profit. In this promotion program, FreshForex provides a cashback option that you can receive, which is to divide into three schemes that you can choose from. You can choose a scheme that suits your trading style.

The first scheme is $ 20 for every lot you trade and closes with a loss position. This scheme is suitable for those of you who trade with high risk so that you can minimize losses in your transactions.

The second scheme is more suitable for those of you who are experienced traders who want additional profit from your already stable transactions. In this scheme you will get $ 10 for each lot of close profit trades.

The last scheme will be more familiar because this scheme is often found in other brokers. In this scheme you get $ 5 for every lot you trade with a profit or loss result. This scheme is recommended for those of you who are just starting to trade on the forex market.

In this program you can use Classic MT4, Classic MT5 or Market Pro MT4 account types. To join this program you only need to register and verify the account and activate the scheme you want. Cashback is paid at the end of the week. You are given the opportunity to change the type of scheme once a week for all Forex asset transactions, CFDs on metals, stocks, energy, indices and cryptocurrency.

Because of the vulnerability of the cashback system in forex, there will usually be rules and conditions that must be met in every transaction to be counted to get cashback. In this case each transaction must meet the MTT and MTP standards.

MTT stands for Minimum Time of Transaction, where the minimum time when a trade is on the market (the difference between Open and Close Time) is 1 minute.

MTP stands for Minimum Result of Transactions in points where the minimum profit or loss of a trade is on the market measured in points (the difference between Open and Close Price). With this being said, choose a scheme that suits your trading style and obey the MTT and MTP. You can use cashback / rebate every week to make transactions or withdraw without restrictions.

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