FreshForex 120% PER YEAR ON MARGIN

Starting with 3 Schemes Megarebate FreshForex again presents cashback promotion that you can choose to maximize your profits. What’s different with the cashback program this time? In 3 Megarebate Schemes you are free to choose whether you want to get a rebate for every lot of transactions that are profit, loss, or every transaction.
While in the rebate program this time the rebate you get is not only calculated based on trading volume but also the existing margin of your account.

As you can see in the table above, the amount of your trading volume per week affects the percentage of rebate per year. Although this program is advertised as 120% per year on margin, rebates are paid weekly. The following is an example of rebate calculation that you can receive every week.

The Client closed trades with a total volume of 26 lots for a week. The value of Margin at night on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was $ 1400, on Thursday it was $ 1000, on Wednesday and Friday there were no open trades. Then, if all the Promotion terms are fulfilled, the reward will be ($ 1400 + $ 1400 + $ 1400 + $ 1400 + $ 1000) * 120% / 360 = $ 22.

This 120% per Year on margin program cannot be combined with previous rebate programs. You can activate this program through the client area if your account is a Classic MT4 and Market Pro MT4 accounts.

Things you need to know

  • Margin for locked positions is not taken into account when calculating the daily Margin value.
  • Any withdrawals from accounts including internal transfers shall cancel the reward accrued based on results of a trading week.
  • If there are bonus funds in the account in the “Credit” field, the interest payment on Margin will be calculated in proportion to the amount of the Clients own funds (“Funds” – “Credit”).
  • The volume of trades closed with a zero financial result is not taken into account in this promotion. For example, a trade with of 1 lot is closed with a profit of $ 10, a swap of $ 6 and a commission of $ 4, so the final financial result of the trade is $ 0, so 1 lot will not be taken into account in a closed volume for the week.
  • The minimum amount of reward per week cannot be less than 0.01 units of the account currency. The maximum reward amount per week cannot exceed 100 USD.
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