FreshForex No deposit bonus $ 2020 4.75/5 (4)

Like last year, at the beginning of this year FreshForex brought back a limited time promo in the 2020 No Deposit Bonus. This promo, which runs from December 13, 2019 to February 29, 2020, will offer capital for new clients of US $ 2020 as a kick-start Forex trading without investing your own funds. With this bonus you get the opportunity to test the services and reliability of the FreshForex server in live trading accounts.

Just like last year, to be able to participate in this promo you must open a new account with a Classic account type, Market Pro or ECN account in the MetaTrader 4 / MetaTrader 5 platform. You do not need to verify your personal data at the time of registration to be able to claim this bonus, you are required to verify only when you withdraw your trading profit.

Unlike the deposit bonus, for no deposit bonus promos the binding rules will usually be more complex and confusing. In the 2020 No Deposit Bonus promo you cannot withdraw bonus funds. Bonus funds are in the “Credit” category in your account which can be used to trade for 7 days (the profit you get also falls into this category). Even though bonus funds cannot be withdrawn, you can withdraw the profit that you get by going through 2 stages.

Stage 1
Within 7 days after you receive bonus funds, you must make a deposit of the profit that you want to keep for later withdrawal.

Stage 2
After making a deposit, the profit will be transferred from the Credit field to the Bonus field. Bonus (saved promotion profit in Credit field) is fully available for increasing trading volume and for supporting accounts in time of draw-down. You can withdraw Bonus funds if within 30 days you trade 1 lot closed per each 5 USD of Bonus amount.

Example: You get a profit of US $ 500 from trading results using bonus funds. To be able to save the profit you get you have to make a deposit to a promo account of at least US $ 500. After the profit gained is converted into Bonus funds, you have 30 days to trade US $ 500 / US $ 5 = 100 lots.

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