Forex Optimum 100% Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonus is an effective promotional tool in the world of forex. Many traders deliberately look for brokers who offer deposit bonuses that can be withdrawn after the requirements are met. If you fall into this category of traders, Optimum Forex comes with a deposit bonus promo which is certainly a pity to miss.

In this campaign offered by Forex Optimum you will get 100% deposit bonus that can be withdrawn if all the requirements have been met. This deposit bonus has a minimum deposit requirement of $ 500 and has a limited period of availability.
However, despite having a minimum deposit and limited period of availability, your transaction volume requirements before the bonus can be withdrawn are fairly low. Trading volume requirements in this campaign can be calculated by dividing the bonus you received by 3. As soon as you meet these requirements, the bonus will be changed to withdrawable funds.

Keep in mind that this deposit bonus can only be used purely for transactions and cannot be used for drawdown purposes. Be aware of hidden rules that sometimes accompany this kind of deposit bonus and read the rules that apply carefully when you make a bonus claim.

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