HotForex 100% Super Charged Bonus

Combining the two previous promotional programs, HotForex offers 100% Supercharged Bonuses which are a combination of 100% SuperCharged Bonus Credits and SuperCharged Rebates. In this program you will get a bonus of 100% for every deposit above US $ 250.
In addition to the deposit bonus, you will also get cashback in the form of a rebate of 0.2 lots of pip value per lot for forex products and US $ 2 per lot for gold.

Is this bonus suitable for me?
Of course the bonus offered looks very helpful in supporting the profit you can get, but by reading the terms and conditions this bonus program is not for beginners at all. By using this bonus is the same as multiplying your capital, unfortunately the bonus cannot be used during drawdown.
In other words, this bonus makes you possible to open transactions that are greater than your capital. The concept is the same as leverage, which for experienced traders will make them more free to adjust their trading strategies. As for the novice trader this will be like a double sided sword, large capital makes them open excessive transactions without realizing the true resilience of the margins.

Things you need to know

  • The Bonus Scheme can be applied to Premium and Islamic Accounts only.
  • The Bonus Scheme can be applied on internal transfers to the live trading Account to which the Bonus Scheme has been applied.
  • The Bonus Scheme can be applied to one Accountper Client and per IP address only.
  • The cumulative maximum Bonus Scheme credit amount that can be earned by a Client is US $ 50,000.
  • In the event that a Client’s equity falls below the level of the Bonus Scheme, the Bonus Scheme will be automatically removed from the Client’s Account.
  • In the case of selecting the 100% Super Charged Bonus there is no margin call alert.
  • Any withdrawal made from the Client’s Account will result in a reduction of the Bonus Scheme on 1: 1 basis. This applies to withdrawals of profits, rebates and deposits made by the Client.
  • Under this Bonus Scheme the maximum cumulative rebate amount that can be earned is US $ 8,000.
  • Open positions for less than one minute are not eligible to earn rebates; open positions for more than one minute, butless than two minutes qualify for 50% of the stated rebate amount; and, open positions for more than two minutes qualify for the full rebate amount.
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