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Take the opportunity to get a Welcome Bonus from FortFS every week in a contest that has been regularly held since November last year. In this contest you do not need to trade transactions but you will be tested for your knowledge in forex trading.

To enter this contest you must have an account at FortFS that has been verified, then you must be the member of the official FortFS Telegram chat and of the official FortFS news channel Telegram. After all of these conditions are met then you can take part in the quiz held every Tuesdaydays at 14:00 GMT in the official FortFS chat in Telegram.

In this quiz you will be given 5 questions and 4 answer options are provided for each question, and only 1 is correct. You have 120 seconds to answer each question given by writing down the numbers of the given answer options. You are only allowed to answer once for each question and are not allowed to change answers.

The correct answer from the quiz as well as the announcement of the winner will be given 2 hours after the quiz ends. You are entitled to be a winner if you provide at least 3 correct answers during the quiz. The winner will get a Welcome Bonus promo code of US $ 30 which can be credited to your FortFS trading account through the client area.

Terms & Conditions

  • The quiz is held weekly on Tuesdays at 14:00 GMT in the official FortFS Telegram chat
  • Quiz participants must be the members of the official FortFS Telegram chat and of the official FortFS news channel Telegram
  • The quiz is held under the condition that the number of participants in each particular contest is 5 or more
  • The answers on the Quiz questions must be provided in the official FortFS Telegram chat during the quiz
  • The answers must be given as a message contain the number of an answer option (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • In case the Quiz participant does not answer the question in the allotted time, the participant must switch to the next question
  • Each of the participants who give at least 3 correct answers, receives a Welcome Bonus activation code of 30 USD to the trading account
  • To receive a promotional code, the winner must contact the FortFS bot in Telegram @FortFSbot
  • If the winner already has an active Welcome Bonus of 30 USD, then he needs to cancel it before activating the new Welcome Bonus
  • If the winner has already activated the Welcome Bonus earlier, then he/she can activate the new 30 USD Welcome Bonus again only in 90 days after the previous Welcome Bonus was activated
  • The bonus and profit made with its help are available to be withdrawn after trading 30 standard lots
  • The maximum total withdrawal amount of the bonus and profit made with its help is limited to $50 or the equivalent in another currency
  • A verified profile in FortFS is required in order to activate the bonus
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