Amega 50% Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are always an advantage in the world of forex, in addition to being able to increase your chances of gaining profits many brokers also offer deposit bonuses that can be withdrawn. Amega gives a 50% bonus for every deposit you make to the MT5 premium and MT4 premium accounts. Although not included in the drawdown, the deposit bonus can be withdrawn on relatively mild terms.

To get this deposit bonus you must activate the deposit bonus option when making a deposit to an MT5 permium account or MT4 premium account. The absence of a minimum deposit to get a deposit bonus makes this bonus a must every time you make a deposit. Unlike the beginning when this bonus was introduced by Amega, there is currently no limit on the leverage you can use if you take this 50% deposit bonus.

Amega 50% Deposit Bonus

In addition to the elimination of leverage limits, Amega also removes the maximum amount of bonuses that can be received. You can also use this deposit bonus in several accounts at the same time.
To be able to withdraw from the deposit bonus you are required to trade 1 lot for every dollar deposit bonus that you receive. After these requirements are fulfilled, you can request to withdraw bonus funds through the “My account” page in your Amega client area.

Terms & Conditions:

  • 50% bonus can be credited to Premium MT5 or Premium MT4 trading account in any available currency.
  • 50% bonus can be simultaneously used on several trading accounts.
  • Only one bonus can be credited to trading account.
  • 50% bonus can be claimed multiple times with any deposit amount. Thecompany has the right to limit the bonus amount.
  • A bonus will be credited automatically when a deposit is made into a trading account through the corresponding section of My Account, provided that this option is selected when making the deposit.
  • In the event that funds which were used to claim a bonus are withdrawn from the trading account after the bonus has been credited, the bonus shall be reduced by an amount equal to the amount withdrawn.The bonus requirements must still be met on the full amount of the initially awarded bonus.
  • Bonus funds can be used for trading aswell as customer’s own funds and they are not included to the drawdown.
  • The company reserves the right to cancel the bonus without prior warning.
  • The bonus funds can be transferred from the trading account to the transitory account until the bonus conditions are fulfilled in full.
  • To complete the bonus conditions in full, customers need to make trades using any instruments available in trading terminal to the total value of 1 lot per each $1 of bonusfunds from the moment the bonus is credited to the account. The time period for completing the bonus conditions is not limited.
  • The opening of opposite transactions using one financial instrument on different trading accounts with bonus funds at the same time is prohibited.
  • Once terms of the bonus is fulfilled a customer should make a request (My account section) to transfer bonus funds to have an opportunity to withdraw funds.
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