FortFS Deposit Bonus 200% 5/5 (1)

In March FortFS gave a short deposit bonus promo that only lasted for 1 month. This brief promo gives you the opportunity to get a deposit bonus of 200% that can be withdrawn after you have completed the urnover requirements.

This promo, which will open on March 24, 2020 until April 24, 2020, is divided into two parts, namely a 200% deposit bonus and a 150% deposit bonus. The difference between these two bonuses is the minimum deposit requirement and turnover requirements before bonus funds can be withdrawn. You must make a minimum deposit of $ 200 for a 200% bonus and a minimum deposit of $ 150 for a 150% bonus during the promotion period.

You can claim this bonus by selecting the 200% deposit bonus option when making a deposit. Keep in mind that bonus funds can only be withdrawn without restrictions if you can complete turnover requirements within 3 months of receiving a bonus.

Terms and Conditions

  • The promotion is valid from 24.03.20 until 24.04.20
  • Obtaining of 200% and 150% Deposit Bonuses is only possible during the duration of the promotion
  • The maximum allowable leverage for trading using 200% and 150% deposit bonuses is limited to 1:100
  • Withdrawal of deposit bonus from a trading account is possible upon reaching a trading turnover equal to the bonus amount in USD
  • In case of any fraudulent activities detection (such as: receiving the bonus by one client on several profiles; trading from several profiles by one client; lots generating without any trading purpose; multidirectional trades; heavy loading of balance/deposit leading to additional risks and any other violation of the Client agreement and Rules of proceedings for bonuses and promotions; etc.), the Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus and all the bonus funds, including bonus profit, without notice
  • In case of detection of any connection between two or more profiles (IP addresses, devices, etc.), anonymity tools usage (decentralized/hybrid networks, Tor, proxy servers, VPN-networks, specialized software, etc.), the Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus, including bonus profit, without notice
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