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If you currently have a forex broker and want to move to another broker, this promo is for you. JustForex this time presents a promo that allows you to try trading on JusForex with some conveniences in the form of a promo promo code that you can use to start trading. Unlike the 115% Deposit Bonus this promo has a deadline so hurry and grab this opportunity right now

Basically JustForex provides 2 kinds of promo codes that you can choose based on the type of account you will use. The first promo code is a no deposit bonus of US$10 which can only be used for a mini account while the second promo code is a deposit bonus of US$30 which can be used both for a mini account and a standard account.
To get the promo code you have to create an account on the JustForex website and go through a verification process, in addition to that you have to provide proof of your transactions at other brokers both deposits and trading transactions for 3 months. To deposit a bonus of US$30 you must make a minimum deposit of US$100.

For the promo code no deposit bonus, bonus funds can be used for 20 days and automatically canceled after the expiration period. There is no time limit for the promo code deposit bonus of US$30. Profits derived from the promo code can be withdrawn at any time, but you can only withdraw profit if you have canceled the promo code through the JustForex back office.
This promo is only valid until March 31, 2010 so don’t delay anymore because this promo code is only provided in limited quantities.

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